May 24, 2016

Exhibition “HERE” at Cavallerizza Irreale

I had the opportunity to partecipate with my Decostruzioni to HERE – Cavallerizza Irreale, a new independent self-managed art exhibition in Torino, Italy. Starting from an abandoned historical building, the exhibition has been set completely by volunteers, with stunning results:

9 days, 9000 visitors, 200 artists, 53 performances, 17 conferences

Here the process from scratch in this overture:

MAXXI has also invited Cavallerizza Irreale to THE INDIPENDENT art project: a world mapping portal about self-managed and innovative culture places.

“The Independent is a research project focusing on the identification and promotion of independent spaces and thinking. MAXXI is working to broaden and challenge the current limits of museum institutions, to stimulate and develop diverse ways of acting within contemporary reality.”

Read more here: Arteide